I would like to take a moment and share some information with folks about a unique opportunity. On January 28 at 8pm a new local voice will perform songs from her newest album. Emilee Allan is a native of the Michiana area, and at a mere 18 years old she has a spectacular voice.

Emilee describes her music as a blend of country and blues influenced by George Jones and Carrie Underwood. Coupled with her unique song writing talent, she really delivers a wonderful experience for the listener. I was surprised and delighted when I first heard her singing. Certainly something I would recommend to any music lover. And it’s especially nice to spend time getting to know and enjoy some local talent. More.

The Lerner Theatre in Elkhart is a great venue. And the audience will enjoy her sophisticated sounds in an equally fitting location. In my opinion it won’t be long before she becomes a star and I’ll be telling friends that I got to see Emilee Allan live in concert. And to miss seeing her perform live for only $15 would truly be unfortunate.

Have you seen performers before they made it ‘big’?