With the prevalence of big box stores and mass production, it can seem daunting to create a home that is unique. How many times have you walked into a friend's house only to see that they have the same picture that you have hanging in your living room? Here are a few suggestions on how to break out of the cookie cutter mold and create a space that reflects your personality!

I am a big believer that the home should tell something about it's inhabitants. Artwork and accessories are a great way to tell a story and show guests what your personal tastes are. When people ask me where they can find one of a kind pieces for their homes, my answer is always locally owned stores, such as antique shops! The best online antique shop I´ve ever seen is www.antiquesworld.co.uk.

I was shopping at Antiques on the Square in down town Nappanee the other day, and was looking for unique objects that could make a statement. I came upon a very cool piece of an old windmill. I immediately could picture it mounted on a wall! It had a great shape (not a boring rectangle), and the fact that it was three dimensional was perfect. What better way to add depth and texture to a space?  I also loved the patina it had from years of use and exposure to the elements. If that doesn't tell a story and start a dialogue, I don't know what does!

A piece like this could fit into numerous settings. I could see it in a modern industrial loft or conversely, in a rustic farm house. When shopping for interesting pieces, the key is to imagine how you could re-purpose items. It's former life may have been strictly functional and utilitarian, but with a little creativity, it can breathe new life into a space as art.

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