Have you wondered if there was something for those out of town guest to do when they come to Amish Country that would be fun and unique to this area?  Here is a list of activities that groups of 10 or more can do.

Amish Quilting Bee & Family-Style Meal The Carriage House in Topeka: Enjoy hands-on instruction followed by a hearty family-style meal in an Amish home.  The cost is $30 per person.   Contact Elaine Jones for reservations at 260.768.8199x2128

Artistic Instruction Art Soup Studios in Bristol:  Get creative with hands-on classes - basic drawing, water colors, decorative folk art painting, airbrush basics, pottery, or floral design  in a charmingly restored riverside gallery.  Contact Ted McFarland for rates & reservations at 574.848.4761

Cinnamon Roll Making at an Amish Family Farm The Carriage House  in Topeka: This local favorite is a staple in Amish home baking. Learn the process from start to finish and taste the delicious results.  The cost is  $10 per person.  Contact Elaine Jones for reservations at 260.768.8199x2128

“Coloring Happiness" Lavender Patch Fabric & Quilts in Bristol:  Get a fresh view of looking at color & design that gives us joy. We’ll talk about it all during this trunk show featuring colorful fabrics, wall hangings, quilts & gifts.  The cost is $12 a person.   Contact Pat Harris at 574.848.0011 or email   pat@lavenderpatchquilts.com

Quilt Appreciation 101 The Quilt Shop at Essenhaus  in Middlebury:  Do you know the difference between a comforter and a quilt? Can you pick out a hand quilted vs. a machine quilted quilt? Or spot the differences in machine quilting? Are you familiar with applique techniques? This class teaches you all that and more. You’ll know what to look for when you see quilts in shops, museums and collections. You’ll even learn about the care, storage and appraisal of treasured family quilts and hear personal stories of heirloom quilts and the discount Groupon on it. You’ll go away feeling like an expert and have a whole lot of fun in the process. Cost is $5 per person Contact Roz Stoffel  at 800.455.9471 or email thequiltshop-roz@live.com

Check out our other hands on activities for small groups.  I hope these unique experiences will make great memories while you’re here in Amish Country.